Medical Supply Distribution is a competitive business, and we feel it is important for our distributors to know that IMCO will never sell directly to any account. We feel we succeed by helping our member distributors maintain direct vendor relationships, access great products and promotions, and earn incredible incentives.

Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Access to Products: IMCO's model promotes and nurtures access to products through distributors direct relationships with over 200 medical/surgical manufacturers or through redistribution
  • Vendor Relationships: IMCO develops strategic vendor relationships for enhanced trust, commitment, and value. Our top quality manufacturers offer exceptional prices, reasonable terms, low minimums, and strong sales rep support.
  • Strength in Numbers: IMCO negotiates vendor contracts and pricing based on the strength and buying power of our collective member volume.
  • We Protect Our Members’ Territory: We carefully consider our existing Members’ coverage area when considering the addition of new members. We feel the strongest model for everyone is one where our membership is comprised of a variety of trade classes–with little to no geographic overlap within a class. We believe this increases our Members’ ability to succeed over their competition.
  • We’re Coast-to-Coast (and even a little beyond): We have a broad geographic membership. Our Members are located throughout the United States, Canada and the US Virgin Islands.
  • We’ve Got the Markets Covered: Our distributors operate in multiple markets, including Primary Care, Extended Care, Acute Care, Home Care, Emergency Medical Services, Veterinary, Industrial Safety, Dental, Lab and many other specialized classes of trade.
  • We’re always innovating: The medical supply distribution market is ever changing, so IMCO utilizes market Member Advisory Groups to help with strategic direction as the economic, and or regulatory environments change.