Incentives & Promotions

Member Incentive Program (MIP):

On behalf of the membership, IMCO negotiates custom Annual Member Incentive programs with manufacturers based on growth over prior year. The program currently has sixty six (66) participating Vendors across all market segments. Incentives are distributed by the individual Vendors to qualifying Members at the Tradeshow held during the IMCO Annual Convention. In order to help Members maximize their incentives, IMCO provides a MIP Status report so that purchasing and sales patterns may be modified to reach maximum incentive levels.

  • Sales Emphasis Line (SEL): The IMCO SEL (Sales Emphasis Line) program is a comprehensive approach to partnering with clearly identified, key IMCO Vendors. Going beyond the role of regular IMCO Vendors, IMCO SEL Vendors support the IMCO Membership through enhanced support of field representatives along with promotions, exclusive pricing, order cycle management, discounted freight terms, and enhanced incentives. Vendors also supply SEL-specific, collateral and sales tools to support IMCO Members’ sales efforts. Our shared goal is cooperative compliance resulting in growth of both market share and profitability.
  • EPIC PROGRAM (Equipment Performance Incentive Contest):The IMCO EPIC Program is a yearlong capital equipment sales program designed to increase Vendor sales while rewarding the top performing Member representatives with incentive prizes. Reps will earn points based on the sale of specific participating products as well as for participating in sales training activities and Vendor ride days. The top ten performers, based on yearlong total accumulated points, will be rewarded with travel vouchers at the IMCO National Convention. Vendors will benefit through enhanced Member interaction, exposure from promotional activities and focus on monthly program updates.