IMCO functions as a full service marketing department for Medical Supply Manufacturers. Our goal is to unite the best Medical Supply Manufacturers in the industry with the best group of Independent Medical Supply Distributors.

The leading medical supply manufacturers recognize that independent, regional distributors are an efficient and effective way of selling to and servicing the healthcare industry.

  • IMCO’s model promotes and supports our Medical Supply Distributor Members to have direct relationships with medical supply manufacturers.
  • IMCO Intentionally supports fewer Vendors in order to develop trust, commitment, and value between our Vendors and our Members.
  • IMCO serves Members in the United States, Canada and the US Virgin islands.
  • Our medical supply distributors operate in multiple markets, including Primary Care, Extended Care, Acute Care, Home Care, EMS, Vet, Industrial Safety, Dental, Lab and many other specialized classes of trade.
  • IMCO utilizes market Member Advisory Groups to help with strategic direction in our changing industry.
  • Our Management team combined, has over 200 years of successful experience in the medical industry, both in distribution and manufacturing.
  • IMCO has over 134 Member distributors with 166 locations and over 1000 total sales representatives in the field.
  • Our Members range in size from $1 million to $1 billion in annual sales and have a combined volume of approximately $4.2 billion in annual sales. The Average size of our Medical Supply Distributor Members is $8,000,000 annually (without including our top 4 largest Members).
  • IMCO is recognized by many National GPO's, including VIZIENT, MEDASSETS, NOVATION/PROVISTA, INTALERE, and DIGNITY HEALTH.