Tradeshow Meetings & Educational Forums

Vendor Convention Information:

The annual IMCO National Convention is so much more than a sales meeting. It’s a time to strengthen your relationships with IMCO medical supply distributors, a place to exhibit your products and services, and it’s an opportunity to learn the new skills and sales techniques alongside your customers. All of those benefits combined into one convention create an atmosphere that will make your job easier!

  • Tradeshow: The IMCO tradeshow has been voted by MDSI "Best in the Business" by both Distributors and Manufacturers. To keep being the best, we work hard every year to make sure our convention is an event that provides value to everyone. IMCO Vendors play an important role through show-only specials and sponsorships that enhance everyone’s Convention experience with the shared goal of keeping independent medical supply distributors just that: INDEPENDENT.
  • Networking: As IMCO's Bill McLaughlin Sr. says, “People don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people.” That’s why we build-in lots of time for fun, shared experiences and laughter during our Convention – we believe a lighthearted environment fosters the building of relationships and will make your name stick out with your customers. So whether it’s cheering each other on in a volleyball game or shrieking together on an amusement park ride, you can expect to have plenty of shared adventures with your clients at convention.
  • Education: Vendors are invited to attend the educational breakout sessions at the annual National Convention. IMCO puts together programs that address current issues, best practices and trends in the medical supply industry.
  • Advisory Meetings: Each year, IMCO hosts its “POWER Meeting” to gather our Member Advisors from the Acute Care, Primary Care, Long-term Care, and Home Care markets to discuss trends and issues facing their marketplaces. We also invite key IMCO Vendors to sit with the Advisors for one-on-one discussions about current and new product offerings, recent business developments, and other topics that strengthen their relationships.